Tegaderm (IV Film) Waterproof Dressing

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Tegaderm provides an excellent wound healing environment. This sterile, breathable barrier lets oxygen in keeps moisture vapor out. The dressing is transparent, conformable, hypo-allergenic and allows for continual site observation without removing the dressing.
Use this dressing to protect post-surgical incisions and minor wounds, cuts, scrapes, burns or blisters. Great for boating first aid kits, as these waterproof dressings stay on fairly well - even when submerged!

Available Sizes:
  • MEDIUM - 2.375" x 2.75" (clear window)
  • LARGE - 4" x 4.75" (clear window)

  • X-LARGE - 6" x 8" (clear window)

Sold individually. Latex-Free. Sterile.

The date printed one each Tegaderm is the date of manufacture, and NOT the expiration date. This product expires roughly 4 to 5 years after the printed "LOT >< MM/YYYY" date.



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