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Face Mask Inner Support Frame

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As Seen on Good Morning America

Made of ultra-lightweight silicon, these face mask inner support frames are a safe and comfortable way to fix several common issues associated with wearing a face mask!

Breathing Space
Anyone who has worn a face mask for a long period of time understands just how quickly they become uncomfortable to wear. For many, having a piece of fabric so close to your mouth can feel somewhat claustrophobic and uncomfortable. Placing a 3D inner support frame inside the mask gives you breathing space in your mask, allowing for comfortable all-day wear.

Makeup Protection
Women who love to wear makeup will love these silicone mask inserts for lipstick and makeup protection while wearing a mask. Masks tend to stick to your face, plus sweating can mess the lip color and foundation.

Soft + Comfortable
Silicone is the best material for mask inner support bracket because it is soft, ultra light-weight, and comfortable. People with sensitive skin can also wear it easily without any irritation and skin burning. Other hard stuff can cause irritation on sensitive skin.

Washable + Reusable
These 3D inner support frames are reusable, safe, and washable. Simply clean with warm soapy water or wipe down with any quality disinfectant spray or wipe, and it's ready to be used again!

BONUS: Comes with double-sided foam dots to help masks stay in place! 

Sold individually. Non-sterile.

NOTICE: Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), quantities are limited. While supplies last.

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