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Disposable Temp-DOT Thermometers

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Single-use clinical thermometers are sterile, accurate, convenient, versatile and economical and available for oral and axillary use. Temp-DOT thermometers are accurate, convenient, versatile and economical body temperature measuring devices.

Clinically accurate oral body temperature can be obtained in 60 seconds and axillary temps in 3 minutes. Temp-DOT uses a dot sensor matrix consisting of temperature sensitive indicating dots.

Each dot changes color from tan to blue at a specific temperature relative to the melting point of the specific chemical mixture of the dot. Each dot changes color at a temperature of 0.2 degrees F or 0.1 degree Cº higher than the proceeding dot. Body temperature is read from a numerical temperature scale.

Temp-DOT thermometers are sensitive to environmental temperature - do NOT store these in your first aid kit, which lives in the trunk of your hot car!

Intended Use: To provide a method for safe, accurate measurement of body temperature either orally or in the axilla. 


Sold Individually. Sterile.