Disposable Temp-DOT Thermometers

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Single-use clinical thermometers are sterile, accurate, convenient, versatile and economical and available for oral and axillary use. Temp-DOT thermometers are accurate, convenient, versatile and economical body temperature measuring devices. Clinically accurate oral body temperature can be obtained in 60 seconds and axillary temps in 3 minutes. Temp-DOT uses a dot sensor matrix consisting of temperature sensitive indicating dots.

Each dot changes color from tan to blue at a specific temperature relative to the melting point of the specific chemical mixture of the dot. Each dot changes color at a temperature of 0.2 degrees F or 0.1 degree C higher than the proceeding dot. Body temperature is read from a numerical temperature scale.

Temp-DOT thermometers are sensitive to environmental temperature - do NOT store these in your first aid kit, which lives in the trunk of your hot car!

Intended Use: To provide a method for safe, accurate measurement of body temperature either orally or in the axilla. 

Sold Individually. Sterile.

NOTICE: Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), quantities are very limited. We are working with distributors as their primary focus currently is replenishing hospitals and healthcare facilities (as it should be)! Please note that actual item may vary due to availability and may not match photo shown.



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