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  • Transcend Glucose Gel (15g) Medication / Supplement Transcend
  • Transcend Glucose Gel (15g) Medication / Supplement Transcend
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Transcend Glucose Gel (15g)

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Refueling your body with its main energy source, glucose, is the only way to perform at your highest level. People with diabetes, paramedics, and top-performing athletes all rely on Transcend Food’s 15 gram glucose gels to power through the lulls and rise above the situation.

These gels work faster than candy, soda, juice, and even other sports gels to precisely correct low blood sugar. The syrup-like consistency of these gels makes them easier to ingest and faster to act than other sports gels, which often need to be chewed.

Featuring a small pouch design for easy carrying, Transcend Food’s Strawberry Glucose Gels are a convenient and reliable way to keep your body fully energized throughout the day.

    Flavor: Strawberry
    Size: 15 grams (60 calories)

    Purified water, dextrose (d-glucose), cellulose gum, citric acid, natural flavoring, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate.


    Sold individually.

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