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  • Eye Wash (4 fl oz) Medication / Supplement Medi-First
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Eye Wash (4 fl oz)

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This eyewash is no exception! It is a sterile irrigating solution that is designed to flush particles from the eyes quickly, giving you instant relief. This eyewash is made from buffered, isotonic saline, making it perfectly safe for your sensitive eyes. When something gets in your eyes, the first thing you’ll want to do is rinse it out. That’s where this eyewash comes in.
To open it, simply twist the cap to break the seal. Then, apply a few drops into your eyes to clean them. The saline will work quickly to flush out any germs, bacteria, and dirt. This cleansing solution is just what you need to keep your eyes safe. Its small size makes it perfect for first aid boxes and survival kit. Just set it in with all of your other medical supplies.

Ingredients: Purified water. Tonicity agents added to establish isotonocity with tears.

Sold individually.

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