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  • Wilderness Medicine: A Quick Reference Guide (Paperback) Book Center for Wilderness Safety
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Wilderness Medicine: A Quick Reference Guide (Paperback)

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NEWLY PUBLISHED! The Wilderness Medicine Quick Reference Guide, written by Clif Castleman and Katie Dixon, was designed as an easy to use, quick medical reference tool for outdoor professionals, wilderness travelers and rescue specialists.

The guide contains topics that are commonly encountered in the backcountry, including: acronyms, vital signs, new clinical guidelines for suspected spinal column injury assessment, as well as wound care, dislocation reduction, common medical problems and their treatment, and more.

Finally, an easy to use field guide designed for any caregiver who works in backcountry and wilderness environments, or deals with prolonged care and patient contact times.

Authors: Clifton Castleman, Katherine Dixon
Paperback: 59 pages
Publisher: Center for Wilderness Safety (July 2021)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9781257772223
Product Dimensions: 4.25 x 6.89 x 0.25 inches
Weight: 2.2 oz