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  • Ultralight Personal Kit Sized Dry-Bag (Red) Bag
  • Ultralight Personal Kit Sized Dry-Bag (Red) Bag
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Ultralight Personal Kit Sized Dry-Bag (Red)

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Looking for a quality lightweight waterproof first aid dry bag? This bag is the answer! Clearly labeled as a "FIRST AID KIT" along with a large white cross, this dry bag is designed to be the perfect waterproof dry bag for your boating first aid kit!

With a thick black strap that folds over and snaps shut to keep your supplies dry and clean, it's easy to use and attaches easily to boats, riggings, ropes, or even wrists.

Fill with first aid supplies or anything you need to keep safe and secure. Lightweight, waterproof first aid bag weighs only a couple of ounces so it won't weigh you down. Just place your supplies in the bag, roll the top black strap down and over and lock in place with the closure clip. Done!

Dimensions: 11.5" x 9.5"
~2.5 Liters
Weight: 2.3 oz
Color: Red

Dry Bag only.