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  • OTC Gastro-Issues Medications (REFILL) Kit CWS
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OTC Gastro-Issues Medications (REFILL)

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Keep your first aid kit stocked up with this CWS gastro-issues medications refill kit. Treat upset stomach, diarrhea, nausea & vomiting, etc.

  +  6x  Antacid Packets (comparable to Tums)
  +  6x  Bismuth Packets (comparable to Pepto Bismol)
  +  2x  Loperamide Packets (comparable to Imodium)
  +  2x  Electrolyte Packets
  +  2x  Diphenhydramine Packets (comparable to Benadryl)


Expiration dates may vary, however we do our very best to ship all sterile items and medications with expiration dates at least 6 months out or more. Typically, most items do not expire for at least >12–36 months. We always strive to give our customers the BEST possible customer service. Please note that actual item may vary due to availability and may not match photo shown.