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  • Orthopedic CoFlex Vet-Wrap First Aid Supplies Dynarex 2 Inch
  • Orthopedic CoFlex Vet-Wrap First Aid Supplies Dynarex 4 Inch
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Orthopedic CoFlex Vet-Wrap

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Be prepared with CoFlex Vet-Wrap. Originally used primarily by veterinarians, this self-adhesive orthopedic wrap is used in place of the old "Ace wraps" as well as for bandaging open wounds. The possibilities are endless with Vet-Wrap. It sticks to itself and won't absorb water.
A general purpose cohesive bandage for all applications including the treatment of edema, holding dressings in place, stabilizing IV's and as a light compression wrap. A quick-stick LATEX-FREE foam bandage that performs as well as latex bandages, Vet-Wrap can be used for all cohesive bandage applications.

Color: Assorted


Sold individually. Non-sterile.