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Add comfort to any mask and make one-size-fits-all masks adjustable so they snugly fit your face. We all have different size heads and need different size masks. Made from flexible PLA (a thermoplastic polyester plastic), these 3D printed Ear Savers add extra comfort to your mask by protecting your ears and making any mask adjustment so you can size it for your head.

Save your ears from the pressure and irritation caused by mask bands with these easy to use Ear Savers! Each ear saver features 4 separate size slots, allowing you to adjust any mask to fit. Make your mask fit more snug to ensure aerosol particles are not unnecessarily spread.

We are proud to support family owned small businesses!

These Ear Savers are handmade and 3D printed by a family-owned small business in York, Pennsylvania! We are proud to support local small businesses! 

Various Colors (typically black, white or blue)

Caring For Ear Savers: These Ear Savers can be cleaned and washed with soap or liquid detergent and cold water, disinfectant wipes or sprays. Using hot water is not advised, as it can deform them.

Sold individually.

NOTICE: Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), quantities are very limited. We are working with distributors as their primary focus currently is replenishing hospitals and healthcare facilities (as it should be)! Actual product may appear different than image due to coronavirus caused availability.

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